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Happenings in and around town - May 2019

SiNoP Summer Bazaar - May 15-17

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Facts about the Philippines - May 2019 Issue

Summer Vacation in the Philippines

In the Philippines, the school vacation goes between April - May. Graduations are celebrated with family at the end of the school year. During the summer break, many families get together and spend their vacation time hanging out on beaches and at resorts. This is also a good way to cool off during the heat of the summer. Aside from hanging out with family, vacation means the traditional "rite of passage" season for boys in the Philippines. The tradition is not religious, but ceremonial, where boys 8-15 years old are circumcised.

In the Philippines, May 1 is the celebration of labor day. To celebrate this day, Filipino workers spend time with their families at home, going out to the malls, swimming and camping. Families usually pack their snacks, fish, chicken, or pork to grill at their destination. Drinking is common, along with story telling and reminiscing of past events.

(For more info about camping in the Philippines you may visit: Philippines Best Camp Sites )

Summer Camps

Summer Camps are a popular activity for kids during April and May. Parents enroll their children in extra curricular activities like swimming lessons, karate, soccer and basketball. The most popular summer camps, in the Philippines, is basketball camp. Filipinos love basketball. Basketball is one of the most popular sports to play and watch, in the Philippines. With this passion for the sport, it's easy to see why basketball camps are so popular among youth of all ages for their summer activity.

(For some summer sports options, you may visit: Milo Summer Sports Clinic)

Recipe for the Month of May

"Tinolang Manok"

"Tinolang Manok" is very popular since it is one of the nutritious dishes that existed during the Spanish colonization in the Philippines. It is the staple food of the "Katipuneros or Filipino Soldiers" when they are recuperating from battle to regain their strength. Its original recipe is made from a native chicken soup with green papaya, chili leaves, malungay , rice, and chicken blood.

Ingredients and Cooking Procedure

Chopped native chicken including gizzard, liver, blood, green papaya, chili leaves, malungay leaves, ginger, onion, garlic, cooking oil, green chilies, salt, cracked black pepper, fish sauce, chicken broth


Step 1: Saute the ginger, garlic, onions then place the chopped chicken and innards once the spices are already golden brown.

Step 2: One the chicken is sauteed and a little bit brown, put some fish sauce, cracked black pepper, and chicken broth.

Step 3: Once the chicken is tender, put the chopped green papaya and chicken blood and adjust the taste according to your preference.

Step 4: Once the papaya is tender, put the green chilies, chili leaves, and malungay leaves, put into a boil and then ok to serve.

Filipiknow - Filipino Vocabulary

Mahal - Expensive/love Pabili - Buy Mabilis - Fast Kanin - Rice

Kotse - Car Fish - Isda Madami - Many Pabili - Buy

Maganda - Beautiful Karne - Meat Pasasalamat - Gratitude Ingat - Take Care

Panalangin - Prayer Kanta - Singing Mabait - Kind Masarap - Delicious

Regalo - Gift Nagluluto - Cooking Malakas - Strong Tara - Let's go