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Welcome to our new Living Los Banos Website. As you explore this site, I hope you can find many options for things to try and do around the Philippines. As you explore and find new areas, please send referrals for those amazing places. I would love to update this site with more treasures found around the Philippines!

Happenings in and around town - March 2019

The Phantom of the Opera is now playing at the Solaire Theatre

Theatre Play - "All seven Harry Potter books in Seventy Hilarious Minutes" (potted potter poster)

Facts about the Philippines - March 2019 Issue

International Women's Day

International Women's Day (IWD) is celebrated every year on the 8th of March. IWD aims to provide a gender balanced world. The theme for 2019 is #BalanceForBetter. This theme hopes to work as a symbol of equality between Men and Women. Here in Los Baños, The local Municipality is organizing a parade yearly and encourage all establishments to participate. If you would like to join the parade, it will start at 6:30am from The Olivarez Plaza in Los Baños Laguna. It will travel through Brgy. Anos, and Brgy. Baybayin and will end at the Old Los Baños Municipal hall open field (Plaza) by the Bay at Brgy. Baybayin, Los Baños Laguna.

In addition to this, IRRI plans an event to help promote IWD's mission within the organization. The details of that event are below.

IRRI International Women's Day 2019

For International Women's Day, IRRI will hold a debate on the topic of "Be it resolved that the best way for IRRI to achieve gender balance is to prioritize hiring women over men into leadership positions".

Do you agree or disagree?

Come listen to the Debate at 10:30 am Umali Bldg Room A & B!


1. Individual winners will:

  • Get US$50 in cash, to be claimed from HR (for winners from HQ) or will be wire transferred to your account (for winners from the country offices)
    • 2 winners from headquarters
    • 1 from East and South Africa region
    • 1 from South Asia
    • 1 from South East Asia
  • Be featured in our social media sites and internal communication channels through the month of March.

2. The Platform with the most participants will win US$100.

  • This includes the five Platforms (Rice Breeding, Sustainable Impact, Strategic Innovation, Agrifood Policy, IRS) and support units such as IKS, Finance, Operations, etc.
  • HR and C&SE are not eligible to join the contest as groups, but individual staff from these Platforms may send their entries.

3. A special prize of US$50 will go to the 'people's choice' awardee -- the photo with the most likes in social media.

In relation to the 2019 International Celebration here in IRRI, We would like to invite you to join the #BalanceforBetter photo contest. Please register to this site #BalanceforBetter Photo Contest.


1. Take a photo of YOU striking the #BalanceforBetter pose:

Tip: Be as creative as you can. You may take the photo with a nice backdrop that says something about the theme (ex. In the office, or while doing fieldwork, etc.)

2. Answer the question “How can gender balance in the workplace help IRRI achieve its institutional goals?”

3. Send YOUR photo, answer to the question, and location where it is taken in this link. Don’t forget to indicate your Platform.

4. Photos must be in full color; black and whites, and sepia photos will not be accepted.

5. Only one photo per person is allowed.

6. Deadline of submission is on 28 February 2019.

7. Criteria for judging: 30% content/caption, 30% creativity/originality, 20% impact/storytelling, 20% photographic quality.

Lenten Season "Araw ng Kuwaresma"

As a Catholic country, Filipinos seriously celebrate the Lenten season to commemorate Jesus Christ suffering. It starts on ash Wednesday forty days (40 days) start from March 6 and ends April 18 (Thursday). During ash Wednesday, you will see Filipinos going out to church with ashes on their forehead. This signifies faith and remember that he created us from dust. Ashes are made from palm during last years celebration of palm Sunday. Since this a season of fasting, Filipino would usually avoid eating meat and instead serve fish, vegetables and other non-meat dishes like Tofu at home.

Recipe for the Month of March

Sweet and Sour Tilapia

"Escabetcheng Tilapia"

Since Filipino's typically give up meat during Lenten season, they will prepare fish and vegetable as food, like this sweet and sour tilapia. Tilapia is widely available in the Philippines due to it's fresh waters. Tilapia can be raised in any part of the Philippines with fresh water, including man made ponds.


To cook Sweet and Sour Tilapia, you will first need, carrots, onions, garlic, cooking oil, ginger, bell peppers, fresh tilapia, vinegar, sugar, tomato sauce, salt and black pepper.

Cooking Directions:

  • Fry the tilapia and set aside
  • Saute garlic, onions, and ginger, carrots, then add vinegar, sugar, tomato sauce, black pepper, and add water to make a sauce.
  • After boiling the sauce, add the tilapia and bell pepper and that's it!

Best served with Rice!

Filipiknow - Filipino Vocabulary

Mahal - Expensive/love Pabili - Buy Mabilis - Fast

Kotse - Car Fish - Isda Madami - Many

Maganda - Beautiful Karne - Meat Pasasalamat - Gratitude

Panalangin - Prayer Kanta - Singing Mabait - Kind

Regalo - Gift Nagluluto - Cooking Malakas - Strong