Here are a few options for trips down to the various Batangas beach areas. It works best to book with them over the phone or by email instead of through the website. If you can do it through the website, that will be fine, but if you are finding it "booked" you should email them or call them.

Laiya Area:

Has a pool. Gets high recommendations from other expats who have been. No pool, but really great cabanas on the beach area. Recommended by other expats.Has a pool as well as a "tree house" option for overnight.

Calatagan area:

A beautiful resort with great beaches and activities to do, both on land on in the water. They have a beautiful pool and good food. You can have a choice of rooms on stilts over the water, or on the beach. A huge plus is that it is also really close to Aquaria water park.

Anilao Area:

A popular resort among IRRI expats. It’s a basic resort. No pool, but great with divers and have great banka (boat) trips to small islands with great beaches and snorkeling. They do have a pool and are next door to Arthurs, so the dive shop at Arthurs would be a possibility.Every year the Research to Rice Production course at IRRI takes it’s participants to Eagle Point. They have accommodations to fit various group sizes and often cater to larger groups. They have their own exclusive off the coast island they take people to for snorkeling and diving. A spa type resort. If you are looking for relaxation in a spa like environment, this would be the best choice. It’s known for its French design. A great place and very family friendly. They have created a sanctuary to rebuild the reef here and it is a great snorkeling spot right off of the pier. Great place to also get your divers certification. They do have a separate fresh water pool for swimming and a new salt water pool for diving instruction. You have to park in a small parking lot and take a boat 5 mins. to get to the resort as there are not roads to that point. It’s a nice place for families, but not much sandy beach area.

Day Trips:

Most of the resorts have day trip options. Emailing/calling the resort to schedule a day trip is necessary so they can be prepared for your visit as some of the day trip packages include food.

You are able to rent a boat to take you to a reef for snorkeling, though you may be able to snorkel right off the beach at most of these places. There are many other water activities to choose from and they can all usually be scheduled once you arrive. Relaxing on the beach or even getting a massage is also a good option.