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Happenings in and around town - April 2019

Facts about the Philippines - April 2019 Issue

Araw ng Kagitingan "Day of Valor" and

"Bataan Death March"

Araw ng kagitingan (Filipino for Day of Valor) is also known as Bataan Day or Corregidor Day and is celebrated in the Philippines on April 9 each year. It commemorates the fall of Bataan and the Bataan Peninsula during World War II and commemorates the bravery of Filipino and American soldiers during this campaign. The date also commemorates the Bataan Death March, where exhausted Filipino and American prisoners of war (POW) were marched from Bataan to San Fernando, Pampanga. (The POWs were brought from San Fernando to Tarlac province by train.)

Of the 78,000 Filipino and American troops who surrendered, 5,000 - 10,000 Filipino soldiers and around 650 American soldiers died along the way.

Facts about the Day of Valor in the Philippines

Facts about the Bataan Death March.

Island of Corregidor

Bataan Peninsula is one of the most history enriched places to visit in the Philippines. The Island of Corregidor is in the Bay of Manila just across from the Bataan Peninsula and offers a heritage tour about the surrendering of the island and the Bataan Peninsula during WWII. For further historical information, Click here.

The Island of Corregidor tour offers a historic view of what happened in Bataan in World War II and still houses many military remains like artillery canons, tanks, and remains of the buildings that existed at the time. Corregidor also houses a memorial museum, lighthouse, souvenir shops and a garden. Various tour options and experiences exist depending on what you are looking for. This website will help you explore your options.

Lenten Season "Araw ng Kuwaresma"

As a Catholic country, Filipinos seriously celebrate the Lenten season to commemorate Jesus Christ suffering. It starts on ash Wednesday forty days (40 days) start from March 6 and ends April 18 (Thursday). During ash Wednesday, you will see Filipinos going out to church with ashes on their forehead. This signifies faith and remember that he created us from dust. Ashes are made from palm during last year's celebration of palm Sunday. Since this a season of fasting, Filipino would usually avoid eating meat and instead serve fish, vegetables and other non-meat dishes like Tofu at home.

Easter Egg Philippines

Like in many countries, Filipinos also celebrate Easter with egg hunts and family time. Egg hunts happen across the country in schools, work places, malls and especially in family oriented gatherings. The celebration continues with the styling and decorating of eggs with drawings and designs. Families bond at the activities in the air conditioned malls and other venues since it is summer and too hot outside to run around. Malls usually setup parties that are enjoyed by the kids, to celebrate the Easter season, with great prizes that usually attract families and individuals. Another popular activity is spending the weekend in resorts, like here in Los Baños, to cool off from the heat of the summer.

One thing to remember, when planning your own Easter in the Philippines, is that on Maudy Thursday and Black Friday, leading up to Easter Sunday, most establishments will be closed. This includes most Malls, Cinemas and Restaurants.

Recipe for the Month of April

Pork Belly "Sisig"

Filipinos do love crunchy, tasty, and spicy food and sisig is one of the best food originated in Pampanga that has all the traits we Filipinos love. Sisig is a crispy fried pork back fat, pork belly, pork mask, and sometimes pork ears that is chopped finely and mixed with different spices. Sisig is famous all over the Philippines since it is very versatile and can partner with rice, bread, or simply served as "Pulutan" or beer mate. It is also served in a sizzling hot plate that comes with calamansi on top and chopped onions and chillies.

Sisig originated in Pampanga also known as the culinary capital of the Philippines.


Chopped crispy fried pork, white onions, vinegar, sugar, soy sauce, black pepper, red chillies, green chillies, calamansi juice, cooking oil


Fry or grill in the oven your choice of pork part, after making it crispy, chop it in small pieces and mix all the chopped ingredients and put the spices according to your taste.

Filipiknow - Filipino Vocabulary

Mahal - Expensive/love Pabili - Buy Mabilis - Fast Kanin - Rice

Kotse - Car Fish - Isda Madami - Many Pabili - Buy

Maganda - Beautiful Karne - Meat Pasasalamat - Gratitude Ingat - Take Care

Panalangin - Prayer Kanta - Singing Mabait - Kind Masarap - Delicious

Regalo - Gift Nagluluto - Cooking Malakas - Strong Tara - Let's go