Buying a car

Before buying a car, check to see if your benefits include the option to rent a car from IRRI.

Buying a car

Used cars for sale are advertised on notice boards around UPLB campus and at IRRI. IRRI “Classified Ads” google group is another forum to check. If you are buying a vehicle from people who are leaving, make sure all the papers are in order before they go.


The contract is necessary to confirm transfer of ownership and should be written by a lawyer.

If you buy the car from a repair shop, you can ask for a guarantee on the main parts (usually 6 months to 1 year), which should be included in the contract.


The insurance company will assist you in matters of registration, which has to be renewed once a year. Insurance fees are paid once a year.

Group rates for comprehensive insurance coverage for personally owned vehicles of interested IRRI staff based at headquarters and their dependents, are available at their personal cost through Howden Insurance and Reinsurance Brokers (Phil.), Inc., which is the same broker hired by IRRI. Those staff interested in purchasing this coverage should communicate directly with Howden Insurance and Reinsurance Brokers (Phil.), Inc. IRRI is pleased to arrange the group plan but cannot assume any responsibility for transactions between the insurer and IRRI staff.

Howden Insurance and Reinsurance Brokers (Phil.), Inc.

Lovely Concepcion - Email:

Frankie Panis - Email:

Direct line: +632 652-7450

Trunk line: +632 652-7475

Things to check

  • Last registration (to avoid penalty). otherwise, the previous owner should pay or deduct the amount from the price
  • All documents complete - registration, official receipt of registration, stencils of engine and chassis number.
  • The car has a clearance to prove it is not stolen. The previous owner should provide this.
  • Numbers of chassis and engine are the same as those on the registration documents.
  • The car color is the same as that on the registyration document - otherwise, you have to have an Affidavit of Change of Color, issued at the municipality of Los Baños.
  • Do not pay anything until you are sure of all the documentation.

UPLB sticker

To enter the UPLB campus, you need a UPLB sticker, which is valid for two years; otherwise, you have to pay P5 for the day when you enter the gate. To apply for a UPLB car sticker, take photocopies of the registration documents of your car or motorcycle and a photocopy of your driver’s license to the UPLB Police Force (Security, near the post office). Once the necessary forms have been completed, pay the cashier a fee.

For your IRRI-owned car, this sticker will be obtained for you by IRRI.

UPOU Gate sticker

To enter the UPOU gate near IRRI, you need a UPOU gate sticker, which is valid for two years and costs P200. Only a limited number of stickers are issued. To apply, go to the IRRI Transport Office and bring your vehicle registration papers.

IRRI-owned vehicles do not need this sticker.