Public Transport

Public transport in Los Baños is provided mainly by jeepneys and tricycles. A jeepney is an open-air minibus that looks like—and indeed it originally was—an extended jeep. They are usually highly decorated and adorned with colored lights, slogans, and radio aerials.

Tricycles—motorcycles with sidecars—are like little taxis in that they go wherever you want, except into the UPLB campus, where they are not allowed. Negotiate the fare with the driver before you go.

Trolleys run on the railway tracks and you can use them to get to IRRI from the National Highway where the railway crosses it between Crossing and the UPOU gate. Trolleys also go from IRRI to Pleasant Village and Jubileeville.

Buses are best for long trips, such as going to Manila or Batangas. Every bus has a sign in its front window announcing its major destination. For buses going to Manila, the major destinations are Lawton, which is near the main post office by Rizal Park; Pasay, where the buses go to their terminals on EDSA, from where it is easy to get a ride into the main shopping area of Makati or up to Megamall; and Cubao, where there are terminal(s) for buses going south (other Southern Tagalog provinces, Bicol) and north (Ilocos, Baguio).

Catch buses to Manila in front of Olivarez Plaza at Crossing or in front of the South Supermarket.