Child welfare around the house

  1. Teach your children what to do and how to get help if an accident or emergency occurs in your house. The emergency number for IRRI is x2222 when calling from an IRRI phone, or (02) 580-5600 (extension 2222), or 0918-923-4798 when calling from a mobile/cell phone. The police hotline in the Philippines is 117 when calling from outside of IRRI, 2117 can be dialed from IRRI phones, including ISH phones.
  2. Electrical sockets in the Philippines do not have an on/off switch. If you have young children, consider covering electrical sockets and warn your children about touching them. Keep electrical cords out of the way as these can cause accidents. Electrical sockets may either be 220 or 110 volts in the Philippines. Equipment plugged into the wrong socket could malfunction and possibly cause a fire; tell small children to get help before plugging in any electrical equipment.
  3. If you have stairs in your home, prevent falls by blocking them with safety gates.
  4. Talk to your children about safe and sensible use of the Internet and be aware of their Internet usage. Filters can be employed to prevent your children from accessing inappropriate material. IRRI does not log Internet sites accessed from the ISH and does not filter sites either.
  5. Teach your children to identify hazardous items at home (cleaning solutions, kerosene, pest baits, sharp objects, etc.). Never leave potentially poisonous household products unattended while in use. Poisonous items should be properly stored and clearly labeled. Hazardous items should be stored where young children cannot reach them.
  6. Practice a house evacuation plan that could be relevant in the event of a fire or an earthquake.
  7. Teach children to wash their hands frequently.

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