A typhoon is a tropical revolving storm occurring in the western North Pacific. Other parts of the world refer to similar storms as Hurricanes or Cyclones. Typhoon season is typically between July - December with September having the highest frequency of storms.

Typhoons are categorized into different signal strengths. They are:

  • Signal 1:
    • Winds of 30 - 60 kph may be expected or intermittent rains within at least 36 hours.
    • IRRI is open
    • Twigs and branches of small trees may be broken
  • Signal 2:
    • Winds of 60 - 100 kph and rain within at least 24 hours
    • IRRI can still be open, but may close.
    • Light to moderate damage may occur to gardens and housing.
  • Signal 3:
    • Winds of 100 - 185 kph and rain within at least 18 hours
    • IRRI is closed.
    • Moderate to heavy damage may be expected to gardens and houses.
  • Signal 4:
    • Winds of 185 - 220 kph may be expected in at least 12 hours.
    • IRRI is closed.
    • Expect Heavy damage to surrounding areas.
  • Signal 5:
    • Winds of 220+ kph
    • IRRI is closed.
    • Considered a Super Typhoon and extensive damage is likely.

If a Typhoon signal is 3 or above, take the following precautions:

  • Make sure you have candles or flashlights (and batteries) in case the power goes out.
  • Fill containers with water as the water supply may go off when the power goes off. Make sure you also have a good supply of drinking water available as well (good rule is 1 gallon per day per person for drinking/cooking)
  • Close all doors and windows, except for one window on the side AWAY from the approaching typhoon.
    • This prevents the winds from creating a vacuum inside the house.
  • Once the eye has passed, change the open window to the other side of the house.
  • Move everything away from the windows as rain may still come in even with the windows shut.
  • Move outside furniture in, and any other loose objects (potted plants, garbage cans and any other such items).
  • Make sure pets are inside.
  • STAY INSIDE. Falling objects, flying objects and wind can cause serious injuries.