Volcanoes and Ash Fallout

Ash fallout from volcanoes is not only a nuisance; it is damaging and potentially dangerous. Not really ash, but pulverized, harsh, acidic, gritty rock can damage the lungs of small infants, the very old and infirm or those already suffering from severe respiratory illnesses. Heavy ash fall can obscure light creating a heavy demand for electric light that in turn can cause power supplies to "brown out" or fail.

Procedure if Ash is Falling:

  • Ensure that everyone stays inside the house.
  • If you are outside, get inside quickly (a car or house)
    • Cover your nose and mouth with a cloth as you seek shelter
  • Close windows and doors
  • Turn off Air Conditioners (ceiling fans and standing fans can be used)
  • Wait for the all-clear sign to be given.